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El Victimado de las Almas Pequenas --- Victimhood of Little Souls

El Victimado de las Almas Pequenas a la Divina Justicia

Que es el Victimado a la Divina Justicia?

Con respecto del ofrecimiento a la Divina Justicia, en union de Jesus, Victima, diremos, que este victimado sugiere lo que el Apostol San Pablo quiso expresar mientras dice: "Ahora me gozo en lo que padezco por vosotros, y cumplo en mi carne lo que falta de las aflicciones de Cristo por su cuerpo, que es la Iglesia." (Colosenses 1:24)

Es decir, ofrecer el alma como victima a la Divina Justicia es secundar la obra de Cristo como Redentor del mundo, la obra, por excelencia, del Hijo de Dios. (Lea mas aqui.)

Over 40 nations unite spiritually on Sunday to pray the rosary for Our Lady’s help in fighting evil

PINE BLUFF, Wisconsin, October 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Catholics in more than 40 countries across the world will unite this Sunday to fight the forces of evil prowling the earth and the Church by praying the rosary.

An effort that began as a U.S. response to Poland’s flourishing Rosary at the Borders last fall has gone global with rosary rallies planned worldwide in what organizers are calling a “clarion call of the Immaculata.”

The term Immaculata derives from the word immaculate, which in Catholic theology means free from sin, also denoting the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception.

“This is a worldwide effort to combat the powers of darkness,” the Rosary Coast to Coast website states.

Citing the myriad social ills that have befallen the culture in the U.S. and the world – including sexual hedonism, abortion, divorce, pornography and drug use – the rosary effort recalls Our Lady’s appearances throughout history, where she predicted the societal decay and called for Catholics to pray in reparation.

Casualties often go unseen in this war with no borders, the initiative’s information also says, but very few are left unwounded.

“The enemies encamped against us seek to rob us of our dignity – the essential dignity of the human person, being made in the image and likeness of God,” it states.

“What was once done in darkness is now celebrated in the light,” the rosary organizers continue. “Yet, where before we may have been blinded, God’s unfathomable mercy is opening the hearts, the minds and the eyes of people of Faith. Our Lady’s Clarion Call – the call once trumpeted at Quito, LaSalette, Fatima, Tre Fontane and Akita — is upon us.”

Earlier this year, Catholics in the United States were invited to pray the 54-day Novena for Our Nation from the Feast of the Assumption on August 15 through the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7, concluding with the Rosary Coast to Coast. It was the second such effort involving the novena culminating with the rosary rally on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Several U.S. cardinals and bishops have endorsed the Rosary Coast the Coast. Hundreds of U.S. sites have registered participation in the rosary rally. The initiative operates under the Mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and its patrons are St. Michael the Archangel and Padre Pio. [from LifeSiteNews].

• New Holy League of Nations Launching Spiritual Battle

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin, July 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — National Rosary organizers from around the world are joining forces to create a new “Holy League.”

There have been a number of “Holy Leagues” in history, national allies coming together to protect Christendom from its political enemies. Now, inspired by the mass rosary prayer events of recent months, the organizers of the American “Rosary Coast to Coast” have invited Catholics around the world to join them in a worldwide 54 Day Novena beginning at 4 PM (Eastern Time) on August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and culminating in a rosary on October 7, the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.

“The formation of the New Holy League of Nations declares a united front in the worldwide spiritual battle, defending the dignity of the human person–life, marriage, family, as well as religious liberty,” organizers of Rosary Coast to Coast stated in a press release on Tuesday.

Unlike the Holy Leagues of old, this army will not be using blades, arrows, or cannons. “This ‘declaration of war’ is ‘not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” (Ephesians 6:12),” Rosary Coast-to-Coast explained. “Together we are calling upon God, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, to heal our countries and return them to Holiness.”

Every group that participates is asked to choose intentions specific to their nation.

• - Novena for Our Nation (YouTube). . . . . .

• Rosary Coast to Coast (YouTube)

How to Pray the 54 Day Novena • People have asked over time about the Luminous Mysteries — this novena was given by Our Lady as noted above in 1884 and only allows for the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.

Catholic Bible 101

Victimhood of Little Souls to the Divine Justice
What is Victimood to the Divine Justice?

CONCERNING the Offering to Divine Justice, in union with Jesus, Victim, let us say in summary, that this victimhood implies what the Apostle St. Paul wanted to express when he writes: "I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up those things that are wanting of the suffering of Christ, in my flesh, for His body, which is the Church." (Colossians 1:24)
That is: to offer the soul as a victim to Divine Justice is to second the work of Christ as Redeemer of the world, the work, par excellence, of the Son of God. It is to follow in the blessed footsteps of Jesus and to unite oneself to His immolation, from the manger to the Cross, and from the Cross of Calvary to the Cross of His mystical life in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
In order that the soul may make this total offering and consecrate itself as a victim with Jesus to Divine Justice, it is not enough to recite the formula. It is necessary to understand it and, above all, to perceive it. The first indispensable condition is to be disposed to surrender oneself without restrictions to the divine will. The second is to perceive oneself truly called by God to this victimhood, that is: to have a vocation for suffering, since one cannot conceive of a victim without its being immolated, and even more, the victim that offers itself to Divine Justice in reparation for the guilty world.

How Can One Become a Victim Soul?

Every age has its own form of piety. At this time, in a world that has become so pagan, and diabolically subtle, consecrated souls who live in the world are needed, just as during the first period of the Church, in order to perfume the world with Christ again. They sum up in themselves both the active and contemplative life in one word: victim.

How many victims this poor world needs in order to obtain mercy! If mankind would only listen to Christ, He would give every single person his loving command: "Make sacrifice and do penance to be saved!" But only his victims understand how to imitate him in self-sacrifice, which is the supreme form of love. What did Christ say? "From this they will know that you are my disciples: if you love one another mutually... There is no greater love than this, to give up one's life for one's friends."

Victim souls have raised love up to a degree that it assumes a form similar to Christ's. Victim souls sacrifice themselves for his sake, because He is in souls, and whoever saves a soul, saves Christ in that soul.

Work of Atonement, Legion of Victim Souls

The Work of Atonement is the highest consecration that one can make, to give oneself to Jesus in doing His Divine Will.

Requirements to Become a Victim-Soul

• Daily Mass

• Monthly Confession

• Morning Offering

• Daily Rosary

• Own personal devotions

• Must wear Miraculous and St. Benedict medal, as well as a Brown Scapular.

Benefits of Victimhood

• Victim-Souls never see Purgatory, they will see Heaven

• Special Graces from the Blessed Mother and Her Son

• Receive greater merits for prayers and Holy Masses

• You become the apple of the Father's eye, because you desire to imitate His Son

• Victim-Souls united with victimhood are holding back the great chastisement

• Sole purpose of victimhood is to release suffering souls from Purgatory and to deflect condemned souls from hell.

Consecration of the Legion of Victim Souls (see bottom of page)

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• Atonement Booklets -- Note new address:

List of Atonement Booklets

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

This famous image of Mary is now in the Church of St. Alphonsus Liguori, Rome.

  Image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The miraculous image of Mary, known under the title of Perpetual Help, was venerated as early as the 15th century on the isle of Crete. At that time, a pious merchant from that island found himself obliged, by the invasion of the Turks, to abandon his native land. Fearing that the sacred image would fall into the hands of the impious persecutors of the Catholic religion, he took it with him to preserve it from sacrilegious profanation.

Writings of Maria Concepcion Zuniga

My Best Book, Chs. 1--4 --A short autobiography of Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez, written in 1963.
My Best Book, Chs. 5--8
My Best Book, Chs. 9--12

In TXT format: Download TXT ---- In PDF format: Download PDF

Legion of Victim Souls. -- Complete book about victimhood. Our Lord is looking for victim souls in the world who will help save sinners from perdition. St. Therese of Lisieux requested of Our Lord a legion of little victims.

Legion of Victim Souls in PDF format. -- Download PDF 
Legion of Victim Souls in text format -- Download TXT

-- To download, right click on link, choose "Save Target As" or "Save File As."

Message of April 5, 1970 --- (with the painting of the Young Virgin by Francisco Zurbaran) "This picture has earned eternal life for its author and for that of many souls."

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. 1--2--3 --- 4--5--6 --- 7--8--9 -

Perpetual Novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

List of Printed Booklets

Another List

How My Father Was Converted

Penitential Rosary --Traditional Rosary with the Little Office of the Holy Ghost, requested by Our Lord on Dec. 26, 1970

in PDF format: Download PDF  --- in TXT format: Download TXT

Laments of Jesus, Victim --Six Meditations. About Catholic spirituality. 

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Warnings and Voices from Beyond the Grave

in TXT format: Download TXT

"With respect to the life of perfection, it is just as you have grasped it this morning. Let people be guided by the book written by my very beloved son, Thomas a Kempis. He entitled his writings: The Imitation of Christ by an order that I gave him, because he wrote these marvelous pages by the light of My Spirit."
--Our Lord: Nov. 14, 1973 ---- Download TXT 

Legion of Victim Souls: PDF format

Consecration of the Legion of Victim Souls

LORD my God, you have asked everything of your little servant: take and receive everything, then. This day I belong to you without any reservations, forever. O Beloved of my soul! It is you only whom I want, and for your love I renounce all.
“O God of Love! Take my memory, and all its memories, take my intelligence so that it will act only for your greatest glory; take my will entirely, so that it will forever be drowned in your own; never again what I want, O most sweet Jesus, but always what you want; receive me, guide me, sanctify me, direct me to you.
“O God of goodness, take my body and all its senses, my spirit and all its faculties, my heart and all its affections; O adorable Savior, you are the sole owner of my soul and of all my being; receive the immolation, that every day and every hour, I offer you in silence, deign to accept it and change it, into grace and blessing for all those I love, for the conversion of sinners, and for the sanctification of souls.
“O Jesus! Take all of my little heart; it begs and sighs to belong to you alone; hold it always in your powerful hands, so that it will surrender and pour itself out to no other creature.
“Lord, take and sanctify all my words, all my actions, all my desires. Be for my soul its good and its all. To you I give and abandon it.
“I accept with love all that you send me: pain, sorrow, joy, consolation, dryness, shame, desertion, scorn, humiliation, work, suffering, trials, everything that comes to me from you, everything that you wish, O Jesus.
“I submit humbly to the glorious control of your providence in supporting me solely by the help of your immense goodness; I promise you the most sincere fidelity. O Divine Savior, as a victim for the salvation of souls, I surrender and abandon myself to you.
“I implore you to accept all of my offering, and I will then be happy and trusting. Alas! It is all too little, I know, but I haven’t anything else; I love my extreme worthlessness, because it will obtain for me your mercy and all your paternal solicitude.

“My God, you know my frailty and the bottomless abyss of my weakness. If, one day, I were to be unfaithful to your sovereign will, if I were to recoil before suffering and the cross, and to stray from your path of love, fleeing the tender protection of your arms, Oh! I beg and implore you for the grace of dying at that instant. Pardon me, O Sacred Heart of my Saviour, forgive me by your most sweet name of Jesus, by the sorrows of Mary, by the inter-cession of Saint Joseph, and by the love that you had in doing your Father’s will.
“O God of my soul! O Divine Sun! I love you, I bless you, I praise you, I abandon myself completely to you. I take refuge in you. Hide me in your bosom, for my being shudders under the burden of the cruel afflictions that crush me on all sides –and I am always so alone.
“My Beloved, help me, take me with you. In you alone I wish to live, so that in you alone I may die.”
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Atonement Booklets

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City

For more than 400 years Mary has been showing her spiritual motherhood at her shrine on Tepeyac Hill in Mexico City.

For behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For he that is mighty hath done to me great things: and holy is his name. (Luke 1:48)

Maria Concepcion Zuniga, at age 28

O Jesus, full of grace and charity, Victim for sinners, so impelled by love for us that you willed to die on the Cross, I humbly beseech you to glorify in heaven and on earth the servant of God and victim soul, Madre Concepcion Zuniga, who faithfully participated in your passion, and shared your sufferings, to prepare the way for the coming of your kingdom upon earth. With confidence I beg you to grant me, through her intercession, the grace of: ______, that I ardently desire.
One decade of the Rosary, and "Glory be to the Father... (three times)" in honor of Madre Concepcion Zuniga.

Maria Concepcion Zuniga (1914--1979) was a Mexican nun who died in the odor of sanctity in 1979. Her most famous book is "Legion of Victim Souls." Imprimatur: 1966.

Octavio Michelini (14 August 1906 - 15 October 1979) of Mirandola, Italy
was an Italian Roman Catholic Priest, considered to be a mystic.
In 1975 he began to publish books pertaining to his visions of Jesus and Mary.
Attached are the six volumes. He wrote many things about the Priesthood,
evils within the church, the world, and Vatican II.

Click the link below, to access:
Confidences of Jesus to a Priest, by Octavio Michelini

The Blessed Virgin as a Child, by Francisco Zurbaran. "This picture has earned for its author eternal salvation and that of many other souls." -- Our Lord to Madre Concepcion. April 1970

Message of April 5, 1970

Prayers for a Holy Hour

May the Virgin of Perpetual Help be loved, praised, invoked and eternally blessed!
May She be my hope, my love, my Mother, my refuge and my life. Amen.

Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help:
1 - 2 - 3 --- 4 - 5 - 6 --- 7 - 8 - 9

The Glories of Mary, by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Gories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori (audiobook)

Collection of Prophecies and warnings about the latter times

St. Raphael Oil -- A Blessed Sacramental

What Jesus Really Wants

In 1938, Our Lord spoke to a Capuchin nun, Sister Consolata, in Italy and told her: "Do you know why I do not allow you many vocal prayers? Because an act of love is more fruitful.... Do not waste time, because every act of love represents a soul saved.... The greatest gift of all that you can offer to me is a day full of love.... I have rights over you. You told me that you love me! For this reason I desire an endless 'Jesus, Mary, I love you. Save souls!'

"If a creature of good will loves me and will make of his life a single act of love, from waking up to falling asleep (of course, with his heart), I will do incredible things for that soul. I thirst for love.... I thirst for being loved by my creatures!

"Souls believe that an austere and penitent life is needed to come to me. Can you see how they misrepresent me? They picture me as fearsome, while I am just kind! How easily do they forget the precept that I have given to you: 'You will love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, etc.' Today, as yesterday, as tomorrow, I will ask My creatures for love--always and forever." -- (taken from "Jesus Appeals to the World," by Lorenzo Sales.)

See Unceasing Act of Love by Sister Consolata

Jesus ask us a very simple Act of Love.

Message of Love that the Sacred Heart of Jesus launches to the world, to save it.

As the world is destroyed by the hatred of men and peoples, Jesus wants to renew and save it by love. He wants to rise into the sky flames of love to counteract the flames of hatred and selfishness.

What is a victim soul?

A victim soul is a person who offers himself willingly, and even if he is to suffer, he does not offer himself to suffering itself, but to the Man of sorrows, out of love, to share in His passion of love. Yes, he is a person who sacrifices himself, but in the sense given by the Old Covenant: that is, to offer a sacred gift to God.

Consolata Betrone, of the order of the Poor Clares, lived near Turin in the first half of last century (1903-1946), and was without doubt a victim soul who had the courage to respond to the cry of Jesus: “I thirst for victims to save the world.

I thirst for brides, not for nuns; and in this precise moment I need victims more than I need brides,” and she offered herself as a holocaust (sacrifice that is burnt till it is totally consumed, as in the biblical sense). And she made her offering for the sake of “each soul in the entire universe, that Jesus might save them all,” and in particular for the priests and religious who were not faithful to their vows or who denied their vocation.

To console Jesus for the great mistrust in His Goodness and Mercy, Pierina Betrone took the name Consolata (meaning consoled) when she took her vows, in a desire to console the Heart of Jesus and all those who weren’t able to perceive and receive the Lord’s love. And it was Jesus Himself who showed her not only the way to console Him but also how to “love Him as none other had loved Him and to save souls that none other had saved.” This way is the unceasing act of love “Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls!” that the Redeemer called the very small way of love and trust. It wasn’t meant just for her, but for all little souls, since the Lord wants: “the triumph in the world not only of Mercy, but especially of Love, particularly in the very little souls.”

To this end taught Sister Maria Consolata Betrone a very simple act of love in order to pray it frequently, trying to do the most possible, promising that every act of love, will save soul of a sinner, and would amend a thousand blasphemies.

The formula of this Act of Love is: "JESUS, MARY I LOVE YOU. SAVE SOULS."

“Jesus, Mary, I love You, save souls encompasses everything,” the Lord had told her: love for Him and for creatures: “the souls in Purgatory and the souls in the Militant Church; the innocent soul and the guilty soul; the dying, the atheist, etc… Do not lose time; remember that every act of love is a soul.

”This act of love, if uninterrupted, is destined to cut off the roots of all evil, and to remove life from the old man so that the new man may live and be only and totally love for God (Jesus, Mary I love you) and only and totally love for men (save souls).

It is an evangelical way in the true meaning of the word, for it requires that one should remain continuously in His love, to have Christ’s own sentiments, to have no other time except to think of loving Jesus and Mary and saving souls. This is equal to the perfect denial of self that Jesus asked of His disciples.

To live this act of love without interruption, with all one’s being, in times of consolation and in times of trial, requires heroism, it requires stripping of self, but it makes the heart pure, and it unifies it.

It is similar to prayer of the heart, but it is even greater, for it not only unites one to Jesus, but to God through Jesus and Mary. It unites the soul to their Hearts which are offered in sacrifice to the Father as a sacrifice of love for the sake of souls.

The Hidden Rebellion - The untold story behind the French Revolution

The French Revolution and Vatican II 26 min.

• "Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church." -- Cardinal Suenens.
"Gaudium et Spes [a document of the council] represents on the part of the Church, an attempt to effect an official reconciliation with the new era, inaugurated in 1789." -- Cardinal Ratzinger
"The Church has peacefully had its October Revolution." -- Fr. Yves Congar.

The Truth About the Second Vatican Council

50 Years After Vatican Council II. 30 min.

The Effects of Vatican II. 25 min.

What was the Second Vatican Council?

Destruction of the Sacred Liturgy

The Nervous Ordo Mess.

Rosary Meditations from the Mystical City of God, by Mary of Agreda

The Greatest Book of All the Ages Introduction to the Holy Bible

Words of Christ to a Soul (PDF format). Messages given to Maria Concepcion in 1932.

Catholic End Time Prophecies

Reality of Hell . . Apparitions of Condemned Souls

Daily Reflections for 54 Day Novena

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I entreat thee to choose, in this world, a legion of little victims
of thy love." -- Saint Therese of Lisieux

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